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Dissolving kidney stones home remedy.

The advantage of natural method is that it dissolves kidney stones quickly and enables you to pass them through urine within 24 hours.2 mm and bigger stones require treatment as they cannot be passed like stones below 2 mm. If you have kidney stones, don’t bother as dissolving kidney stones with home remedy is painless and expensive.

Persistent urge to urinate, sharp pain in the flank, lower abdomen and groin, pain on urination, pink, red and brown urine, nausea and vomiting and fever and chills, if an infection is present are symptoms of kidney that come from dehydration, i.e. not drinking enough water each day, heredity, being an adult, a man and obese, certain diets, digestive diseases and other medical conditions.

As a diagnostic technique urine culture test is done to exclude urine infection. X-ray, CT.scan, ultra sound, microscopic study of urine, blood tests, 24 hour urine collection and collecting a passed stones at home are also done to confirm the onset of ureterolithiasis. Testing the stone itself, blood test, urine test are useful in finding out whether you have calcium, struvite, uric acid, cystine or other stones.

Orange juice, fruits and vegetables with potassium citrate, cranberry juice, lemon juice, lemonade, asparagus, green, olive oil and citric acid are the home remedies that are useful in treating kidney stones. Natural remedies work first by dissolving the stones into sludge and then flushing them out through urine. They also prevent future formation of kidney stones.

Allow Nature to Dissolve Pass kidney stones

If you know how you can allow nature to dissolve pass your kidney stones, you can be free from kidney stones within 24 hours,without pain side effects.