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Getting rid of kidney stones at home

Getting rid of kidney stones at home is possible by using home remedies. In fact, 80% kidney stones are cured without surgery. Home remedies are quick in getting rid of ureterolithiasis with out causing pain. Kidney stones of all types and sizes can be got rid of by using natural treatment.

Nausea and vomiting, pink, red and brown urine, severe pain in the flank, lower abdomen and groin, pain on urination, persistent urge to urinate and fever and chills, if an infection is present are pointers to formation of kidney stones.

The causes of kidney stones are having high body mass, increased waist and weight gain, being an adult, a man, heredity, dehydration, certain diets, digestive diseases and surgery and other medical conditions.

Microscopic study of urine to know the quantity of proteins, red blood cells, bacteria and crystals, urine culture test, x-ray, CT.scan, ultra sound, blood tests, 24 hour urine collection and catching of passed stones at home are the diagnostic techniques used to confirm the onset of kidney stones.

Unlike natural treatment at home, conventional treatment is painful, costly, requiring hospitalization, does not work on all types of stones like calcium, struvite, uric acid cystine, and other types, not as quick in removal as natural remedies and does not prevent future formation.

One of the following home remedies like cranberry juice, orange juice, lemon juice, asparagus, lemonade, green. Olive oil, fruits and vegetables with potassium citrate and citric acid may be used in getting rid of kidney stones at home.