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Dissolving Large Kidney Stones

Kidney stones below 2 mm in size are passed through urine without any effort and if they are 2 mm and above they are to be treated. 80 % of kidney stones are cured without surgery and dissolving large kidney stones is possible in 24 hours with home remedies. Natural method dissolves these stones into sludge and flushes them out through urine

Persistent urge to urinate, pain on urination, acute pain in the ribs, lower abdomen and groin, pink, red and brown urine, nausea and vomiting and fever and chills, if infection is present indicate formation of kidney stones

Eating a diet that has high protein, high sodium and high sugar, being an adult, a man and obese, family and personal history, dehydration, digestive diseases and surgery and other medical conditions may combine together and causeureterolithiasis

Blood tests for the presence of a raised white cell count, urine culture test, x-ray, CT.scan, ultra sound, microscopic study of urine, 24 hour urine collection and catching of passed stones at home for later evaluation are used in diagnosis.

Calcium, struvite, uric acid, cystine and other rarer stones can be treated with home remedies. Large stone may take more time to dissolve than the small one and home remedies at first dissolve it into sludge or break it into small sand like pieces and enable the sufferers to pass it without effort and pain

To free yourself from the excruciating pain caused by a large kidney stone, use one of the home remedies like lemon juice, lemonade, cranberry juice, fruits and vegetables with potassium citrate, green, asparagus, olive oil, citric acid and orange juice.

Call Nature to Save you

If you know about Kidney Stone Removal Home Remedies you can get rid of kidney stones within 24 hours.